Planning a 1st Birthday Party in Tennessee

Planning a 1st Birthday Party in Tennessee - Zuli Kids2

August 02, 2020

He is turning 2 years old and you need ideas.  You may want to consider what his favorite characters are.  It may be Winnie the Pooh, Elmo or Peter Rabbit.  It is exciting to plan his very first party.  You want it to be a special day to remember. 

Thinking about a location for his party and the entertainment to occupy his little friends?  We would like to recommend “Jumpstreet” in Murfreesboro, TN.  If you are within driving distance, it will be worth the trip, if you are in TN.  With many 5 star reviews for their facility, kids of all ages love it.  With many activities and great service, it is also loved by parents and grandparents.  Prices are very reasonable and even kids 12 and 13 still love it. There are height restrictions in some areas.  I am sure there are similar entertainment centers in other states.

Decorations, invitations and his first birthday outfit is probably a big concern.

Pinterest is the perfect place to go for ideas.  Once you know your first birthday party theme, you can search on pinterest for “first birthday party ideas”.  You will then be able to see the decorations that others have used and get many ideas.  You will need table decorations, cups and plates and hanging decorations to make the party complete.  You will want his outfit to be as special and match his decorations.

For invitations, Etsy.  There are so many talented creations on Etsy.  One of my favorites is “Giggles Printabes”.  She has some great designs that you can print yourself for a very reasonable price.

For first birthday outfits, Zuli Kids has quality unique baby boy first birthday outfits in many designs.  All outfits are custom made and ship in 5 to 7 days.  Most any party theme can be matched to baby boy rompers. You can make your little guy look amazing and sweet with just the right birthday outfit.  Zuli Kids has talented craft experts.  Special attention is given to guide mothers in a way to make sure the correct size is ordered.  Children’s clothing made on a production line and purchased on is different than a one on one custom made to your specifications.  With over 20,000 sales in 7 years, their products are extremely popular.  Colors can be matched closely to the colors on your party decorations and invitations.  The outfits are stylish as well as comfy.  Styles available are baby boy rompers, baby boy bubbles and toddler shorts sets.  No matter his age, special attention will be given to suit his age. 

Rompers can come with numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 along with his theme character.  They can also be personalized with his first name. They can be worn alone as a sunsuit or to make them have a dressy look, a matching shirt can be purchased.  Available in long or short pants for summer or winter party. 

His 1st birthday will be one to remember with a little planning and lots of love!  Don’t stress, just try to enjoy.  You only get to do this once.