All our items are custom made after the orders are placed except the smocked baby clothes.  They are already made and usually ship in 1 to 2 business days.  Processing times on all else runs 5 to 7 days from the time the order is placed until it is shipped during regular times.  During Holiday seasons which are from middle of Sept to end of May, roughly, processing times can run 9 to 11 days so please place your Holiday orders early. We do offer a RUSH service. We are available most nights until 10 or 11pm CST to assist in your ordering process and inquiries!  If you are interested in a garment with a different applique than the one on it or the garment in a different fabric, we invite you to send us an email with your request.  We do lots of custom orders for birthdays, baptisms and special occasion.  If you don't see it doesn't mean we can't do it.  Thank you for visiting Zuli Kids Boutique!


Contact for further information before placing your order.



We do not recommend sizes. There is no such thing as "True to Size". Every clothing brand is different because patterns are made by different companies with no standard measurements. We do not go by age or weight.  If you have any doubts about sizing, You will see a measurement chart with instructions for how to determine the correct size in the photo section of each product. If you are not sure, please ask before ordering.  We suggest that you measure something that fits your child loosely and compare to the measurements in our product description to prevent ordering the wrong size. Our items tend to run a size larger than most. Our measurements are approximate and may vary slightly. We can do custom orders on most all items EXCEPT our Smocked clothing which are made 6 months or more in advance. If you want to change an applique or a fabric, please ask. We are delighted to create something different for our customers. 


The traditional way to do a monogram is to put the last name in the center a little larger. This will be done unless a customer specifies something different. We can do them all the same size in order, stacked or a first name only if you request. Please give us the first, middle and last name and specify if you want them in a different manner than the traditional way.  ALL our garments are custom made and we do NOT TAKE RETURNS OR EXCHANGE SIZES AND WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS after an item is cut.

 If for some reason, there is a flaw in the garment, we will repair or replace after the item is returned. Because of this, we can not guarantee an item to be present with you for any special date or special occasion. Things happen that are out of our control. We do our best to serve our customers to the best of our ability. We do not guarantee delivery dates. We will promise ship dates. We do not guarantee that the item will be there for a certain event. If we ship it and get it there in time for the event and there is a problem that needs correcting, we will not refund the payment. We will maintain our policy to repair and return or replace if we can not repair the item. We will reimburse for shipping only for standard shipping. We will absolutely not reimburse for items returned by priority mail or next day air. Absolutely no refunds. If we put up a custom private sale for you, it is your responsibility to read the product description carefully to make sure we have a correct understanding of what you are wanting us to make for you. By checking out with this private order, you are agreeing that it is correct and understand that the order can not be refunded nor can not exchanged. We ship USPS because we feel that it is the most economical way to ship small packages.  If a package is showing as "Delivered" and you say you didn't get it.  That will have to be dealt with on your end with your local Post Office. By purchasing an item from us, you agree to our terms and policies. Tracking numbers are not available for shipments made out of the country.  The USPS gives us a tracking number which proves that we sent the package but it can not actually be used for tracking. It will tell you the date and time it left the USA and we can not track past that.  It will only show you the ship location and the destination.