He Has Given Us the Kingdom, Best Christian Books, Brenda Bell Author


Before Jesus went to the Father, He gave instructions to his followers to repent and change their way of thinking because the kingdom was at hand.  This would result in a new way of thinking for them.  Things were no longer going to work the way they had before.  He instructed them in the good news that the kingdom had begun.  

He healed all kinds of sickness and diseases and taught them that they could be great in this kingdom that was coming from heaven to earth.  He explained how it would start small and would grow throughout the earth in the same manner that yeast multiplies in bread making and the world would not see it happening.  

He gave them the authority and ordered them to take charge of this kingdom and called them, "children of the kingdom".  He gave them and all who would hear about him through their teaching, the keys to function in this new kingdom and explained how this authority was activated by faith-filled words.  He said the kingdom was like a man going into a far country and leaving his servants in charge and taught that they would be accountable for what they had accomplished when he returned.  

We are those people today.  You will learn how this kingdom works, the authority of those in charge, and how to use your authority in the unseen realm.

This book would be ideal for Christian gifts or unique Christian gifts for grandparents. Jesus not only prayed for his disciples but he prayed for them who would hear about Jesus through the disciples.

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